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Electrification of the Midland Main Line - mind the volts!

24th March 2020

As part of the Midland Main Line upgrade, work is about to start on electrifying the route between Bedford via Wellingborough and Kettering to Corby. Electrification is expected to bring quicker, quieter and less crowded trains to our region, and will be the biggest transformation of the line since 1870.

Risk of electrocution

Network Rail has warned that the electrified lines and equipment suspended above the railway will pose a significant additional safety risk to anyone carrying out activity in the vicinity of the railway.

The new overhead lines will carry a deadly 25,000 volts at all times. It is therefore extremely dangerous for anyone to come close to the overhead line equipment or any associated part of it – including the supporting masts, switch feeds and cables.


The work to energise the overhead power lines between Bedford and Kettering/Corby will begin in sections from midnight on 17th April 2020.

Find out more

Network Rail has produced a leaflet to warn about the danger of getting too close to the power lines, and there is more information about the Midland Main Line upgrade on their website. Questions can also be submitted to the London to Corby project by email.

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