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Nightmare on Barton Road – six weeks of motoring misery

23rd January 2020

The major works on Barton Road near the A14 J10 roundabout – which started at midnight on 23rd January – are scheduled to last for six weeks.

During this time there will be a one-way (northbound) closure of Barton Road between the A14 junction and Linnet Drive. It will still be possible to turn right or left onto Barton Road from Linnet Drive.

The closure will affect northbound traffic only: Barton Road will remain open going southwards (i.e. towards the A14).

The closure is needed to allow the partially-constructed roundabout near J10 to be completed.

Alternative routes from Burton Latimer

The official diversion route is via the A14(W) to J9, followed by the A509 towards Kettering, before rejoining the A6 at the London Road / Pytchley Road roundabout.

Other suggestions:

  • Take the the A14(E) to J11, and then return to the A6 via Cranford and Cranford Road
  • Go along Polwell Lane (via Altendiez Way if possible, to avoid disturbing Station Road residents) and through Barton Seagrave to the A6

For further information please phone White Mountain on 0289 250 1000 (Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm) and ask for Tommy Henry or Sean McNanamon.

Emergency contacts:

Phone icon  07771 925931 (Tommy Henry)

Phone icon  07766 992353 (Sean McNamanon)

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