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Burton Latimer Town Council meeting 8th January 2019: headlines

10th January 2019

Burton Latimer Town Council met at the Civic Centre on Tuesday, 8th January 2019. The meeting was chaired by Town Mayor Fergus Macdonald.

The minutes will be published after they have been approved at February’s meeting. In the meantime, here is a summary of the main points that were discussed or decided:

  • Helen Denton-Stacey, Burton Latimer’s newly-appointed Town Clerk, was warmly welcomed to her first BLTC meeting as an observer. Helen has been a member of Burton Latimer Town Council in the past, and will be starting work in her new role on 21st January.
  • Michael Sinclair, our recently-recruited Town Councillor, also attended his first BLTC meeting, and was given an enthusiastic welcome. Michael is the manager of the Subway store in Churchill Way, and his relative youth brings a significant reduction to the average age of our 12 town councillors!
  • Burton Latimer’s Christmas lights switch-on event on 30th November 2018 was a great success – and generated a surplus of over £500, which will be put towards further enhancements of the town.
  • Burton Latimer’s re-vamped town website was launched this week. The address is the same as before ( – but the new version is modern-looking, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate – and packed with information about the town. The new website has been developed voluntarily by local resident Warwick Hunt.
  • Councillors expressed their grateful thanks to Town Clerk George Sneddon, who is stepping down after almost 19 years in the role. During that time George has worked unstintingly behind the scenes to support the town council, and his councillor colleagues plan to show their appreciation of his contribution to the town with a ‘thank you’ dinner in February.